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As a diverse group of medical practitioners, our job is to provide care. Although our athletes are not on the court playing, our players, teams, and our country are in pain. The suffering is palpable. The sport of basketball is rich in diversity with a history of confronting social injustices and racial discrimination issues. Our members feel obligated to utilize this unique platform to address these matters and release the following statement.

We support those who civilly express their frustration with racial inequality and respect those duty-bound to maintain order.
We ask our leaders for understanding in a time of confusion, compassion as an alternative to the use of force, and guidance in a time of unrest and uncertainty.
We join those who encourage fundamental change to prevent social injustice. Education and dialog, only when translated into action, will unite us.

Our hearts are with George Floyd's family in this time of great sorrow and all those who have suffered or are affected by racial discrimination.


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The NBATA (National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association) firmly stands with our players and the NBA family in the fight for social justice. Together, we all can create sustainable change and stop this senseless violence and systemic racism!

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